Minify multiple Javascript files in a folder with UglifyJS

To minify multiple Javascript files, you can use Grunt. However, there is a much easier way to archive it using UglifyJS and Bashscript.

Step 1: Install UglifyJS

1npm install -g uglify-js

Step 2: Write some Bash script code to find and minify all js files in a folder

1for file in path/to/js/folder/*.js; do
2    uglifyjs "$file" --stats -c -m  -o "$file" 
3    echo minified: "$file" 

Step 3: Run script

Save script in Step 2 to a file called '' and run it using Terminal:

1sudo chmod +x

Modify this code a litte and you can use it with cleancss or other minifier.

This code help me much in deploying my webiste (a static site built with Jekyll). Hope it help someone else.

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