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Viet Anh

AI Engineer
Samsung SDS R&D Center in Vietnam

Hi! I'm Viet Anh - an always-curious engineer with a strong ability to quickly adapt and work intensively with any new technologies. In my day-to-day schedule, I work mostly with but not limited to deep learning, computer vision, backend, MLOps, and system architecture.

  • Skills: AI, Computer Vision, Software Development. Mostly use: Python, C/C++, Javascript.
  • DayTime Job: AI Engineer at Samsung SDS R&D Center in Vietnam - Computer Vision, MLOps, Manufacturing Intelligence Platform.
  • Blogger at .
  • LinkedIn:
  • Side projects: /Projects

For a full and updated résumé, please see my LinkedIn page. If you have any question, feel free to send me a message using this contact form.


Oct 2021 - present

Samsung SDS R&D Center Vietnam

  • Architected the system and developed key backend modules in the AI Core MLOps project – a no-code platform for labeling, training, and deploying AI solutions for vision inspection, OCR, and NLP (10 AI use cases).
  • Trained models and developed algorithms for inspection applications, deployed successfully in Samsung’s factory.
  • Awarded: AI Research Lab “The best employee of the year” 2022.
  • Awarded: Samsung SDS Hanoi “Employee of the month - April 2022” - recognized as “Key person to design MLOps architecture of Al-based Inspection System”.

Oct 2020 - Oct 2021

VinGroup (VinAI + VinBigData)

  • Joined Autopilot project at VinAI Research as an AI Engineer. Automated the data collection process, contributed to hardware, localization & mapping, LiDAR research, and a self driving car demo of Vingroup.avatar
  • Oct 2020 - Feb 2021: Participated in Vingroup AI Training Program for 120 engineers. Leader of a 4-engineer team to build 2 open source projects: Push-up Counter and VN AI Doctor.

Sept 2019 - Oct 2020

Kaopiz Software AI Team

  • Built AI core for Image Processing, OCR, object detection, and segmentation.
  • Optimized and deployed models for servers, desktop apps, mobile apps, and embedded systems.

2015-Aug 2021

Went to Hanoi University of Science and Technology, one of the best universities in Vietnam to study Computer Science. Here I established this blog at (changed to later).

Viet Anh at VinAI


Came back with programming by writing a chess program, which could use Spike chess engine to play chess with people. It was also in AutoIT language.



Learnt programming myself at 12, on a Intel Pentium 4 - 1GB RAM computer. The first program I wrote was in AutoIT language, and it could calculate the perimeter of a triangle given the measurements. I also wrote a program for managing my computer hard drives this year. I didn't learn programming much after that. However, I dreamed to become a computer engineer.